Living Here is a place to share local stories about people in rural communities and small towns who are helping to build healthy, safe, strong and sustainable communities.

Living Here is about our shared values and finding the common ground to move us forward. We care about the people and places that make small towns and rural living such a treasure. Like friends around the campfire or a family at a holiday meal, we share stories that let us learn about each other’s lives and help us help each other to enjoy and take care of our home.

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November 10, 2021

Indigenous Elders Support Selkirk Students

November 4, 2021

Rural residents unite to protect their water source

October 28, 2021

Fall Fair Fall Out Follow Up

October 14, 2021

Growing together on Bedford Road

October 7, 2021

Turning Water into Wine

September 30, 2021

Giving space to Indigenous voices

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