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Living Here is a place to share local stories about people in rural BC who are helping to build healthy, safe and sustainable communities.

Living Here is about our shared values and finding the common ground that we all want for our future. We care about the people and wilderness that make small towns and rural living such a treasure. Like people around the campfire or a family at a holiday meal, we share stories that let us learn about each other’s lives and help us help each other to enjoy and take care of our home

Rural Techie Women Connect Well Beyond the Internet

Nikta Boroumand with her dog Tuffy. Photo courtesy of Yuuko Konagai

Nikta Boroumand moved to the Kootenays in her early twenties from Toronto where she was working as a graphic designer. She moved due to the high cost of living in the city, and she was looking for a different kind of life. She found it in the West Kootenays.

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Reining in the Sunshine – How Williams Lake is Connecting with Solar Power

Anne and Rudy Dyck (right) and their three youngest children standing on the top of their roof

When he was only eight months old, Callum Dyck caught pneumonia. As a young child growing up in Abbotsford, British Columbia, he was in and out of the hospital, prescribed a regular supply of steroids, and drawing relief from an inhaler almost daily. Callum’s lungs were vulnerable, ready to be inflamed at any moment, and Anne and Rudy Dyck had accepted that their youngest child’s uncomfortable condition was something they would have to manage for the rest of his life.

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Between a Rock and a Fall Fair

Horses photo courtesy of Boundary Country.

A pair of clean blue jeans. This is what a friend told Mary Vail she should wear to the Rock Creek Fall Fair dance in 1968. It was the weekend after Labour Day, and for Mary, a newcomer from England and Westbridge’s newest elementary school teacher, it was her first fair. Having only committed to a one year teaching contract, Mary could not have known that two years later she would become Mary Lautard, married to born and bred Boundary boy Eddie Lautard, and that they would come to spend their life together being deeply involved in their community and its beloved fall fair.

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Healthy Living Means Healthy Land for Brent and Jenna

For Brent McDonald, it all started with a single goat, but we will get to that later.  

As a third generation Kootenay local, Brent has a unique perspective of Nelson in particular. Over the years, Brent has witnessed major shifts in not only the city’s physical landscapes, but in its cultural views as well.  

“Nelson has changed a lot since I was a kid,” Brent states very matter of factly.  

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Pandemic Inspires Gardeners

This spring, Gina and her husband Rob, from Trail, British Columbia, planned to travel as they do each year as retirees, when the news of COVID-19 turned their plans upside down. They had intended to travel from the Arctic to Mexico in their RV meeting people who make a difference in their communities and sharing these stories on social media.

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