Living Here highlights the positive solutions from your local community through stories of healthy living, clean energy, land stewardship, and strong economies.

Where we live may be different — we’re from small towns, big suburbs, and rural communities. But folks outside of big cities have something in common: shared values. Even when our experiences are diverse, our appreciation for strong and sustainable communities is the same. 

We can learn from each other’s stories and how we strengthened those communities. Whether they’re reviving the family farm, fighting nearby wildfires, or securing cleaner, safer housing for their elderly neighbours, the inspiration and solutions we need to work together to achieve a better life are right here amoung us. 

Living Here works with local media to share our stories in other online, print, and audio publications to reach you, your neighbours and your neighbours’ neighbours. To find out how to republish one of our stories on your site, newspaper, or magazine, contact