The story continues…

When we saw news that tied right back to some of our Living Here stories, we realized it was time to bring you short follow ups to some of the big stories from our small towns. Read what’s new with three of our earlier stories to see how things are moving forward in your community.

Gearing up for another active year

by Anna Lamb-Yorski

It’s been almost one year since Living Here last connected with Trail, British Columbia’s Glen Byle, and almost five since he traded in his Ford F250 for an electric fat bike. Now a one-vehicle family, the Byles have managed to save around $5,000 a year since the truck left their driveway for good. 

“The extra spending money that we have is AMAZING,” Glen shares. “I finally bought the new mountain bike that I wanted last year, and there are many things that we are able to afford now that increases our quality of life. Like eating out at our favourite restaurants.” 

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