Small Farms Feed Community in Big Ways

The best piece of relationship advice that Geoff Beech ever received was on the day of his wedding when a friend told him a simple secret to a long lasting marriage:

“Find something that neither of you have done before and do it together.”

In their thirties, Geoff and his wife Terri Austin-Beech learned to ski together. Now that they have reached retirement, they are pursuing a dream 40 years in the making; they are learning to run a farm together.

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Creston Farmers Feed Community

Coming together to build healthy and sustainable communities in ways that do not leave anyone behind feels crucial in times like these. In Creston, British Columbia, farmers are doing this the best way they know how, by feeding their fellow neighbours using unique and resourceful approaches.     

Laura Francis and her husband Nigel were on their way to the University of Victoria to attend his first year of law school when they made a stop in Creston. It was meant to be a sort of vacation before committing to the long and tedious pursuit of attaining a law degree. The community had other plans for the young couple. Halfway through their vacation, Laura recalls the owner of the cabin they were renting inviting 13 people to dinner one evening.

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Healthy Living Means Healthy Land for Brent and Jenna

For Brent McDonald, it all started with a single goat, but we will get to that later.  

As a third generation Kootenay local, Brent has a unique perspective of Nelson in particular. Over the years, Brent has witnessed major shifts in not only the city’s physical landscapes, but in its cultural views as well.  

“Nelson has changed a lot since I was a kid,” Brent states very matter of factly.  

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Pandemic Inspires Gardeners

This spring, Gina and her husband Rob, from Trail, British Columbia, planned to travel as they do each year as retirees, when the news of COVID-19 turned their plans upside down. They had intended to travel from the Arctic to Mexico in their RV meeting people who make a difference in their communities and sharing these stories on social media.

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