Something’s Goat to Give

It’s rare to experience a moment in life when everything lines up perfectly. To have the stars align, so to speak. Well, Tammy Bessant knows this feeling. The second that she and her husband went to visit a property with a soap shop for sale in Yahk, British Columbia, she knew her life would never be the same. 

“It felt like our lives were always supposed to be like this. Like everything led up to being here.”

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Digital Nomad Women Work for the Greater Good

A local businesswoman, Karen Kornelsen, is running a business that has goals beyond maximizing profit. Karen is a newer business owner based out of Nelson, British Columbia. Her business, KG Creative, is a digital agency that works to create “professionally-designed, strategic content with on-brand marketing.” Karen lives out her social mission by choosing to work only with “women entrepreneurs who are truly making a difference in the world and non-profits who are also making a difference in their communities,” she says. 

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