Mark Jenner logs hundreds of hours a year driving from his home in Thrums, British Columbia to Calgary, Alberta for work. The 1200 kilometre round trip is one he has mostly done in his Dodge Ram Mega Cab with Pantera and Nightrage keeping him company.

“You get passed by a big truck — which used to be me — and there’ll be a black cloud of smoke. I never thought about car exhaust. Now I can smell it. It’s so bad.”

Over the past year, however, Mark’s commute has taken on a different feel, and smell.

“In my opinion, it’s one of the top vehicles our civilization has ever made,” Mark says. The vehicle he is referring to is his Tesla Model S, a car he is quick to admit he enjoys driving more than anything else.

Mark isn’t your typical Tesla owner. He grew up in Castlegar, not California, works in oil and gas instead of tech, and likes giving ‘electric’ ATV driving lessons to his youngest daughter Kady. He also likes saving his family money.

“It’s been a massive savings,” Mark says. “Right now for diesel it would cost me close to $440 to go to Calgary and back and I do that twice a month. Now that will cost me $20 a trip.”